Our short history


BikeDeck was put together by a passionate team of bikers who ride on a daily basis. Seeing a need to take interaction with bikes and fellow bikers to the next level. We all want that Sunday blast to last a little longer and somehow drag it into the workweek with us. With BikeDeck, now you can.

BikeDeck's offices are situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales pure riding country. We're a 5 minute ride from some of the best scenery and roads the UK has to offer.

Our Philosophy


We noticed that we all did the same thing. Eat Bacon sarnies yes. But we also looked at each others bikes. Spoke about what we had done with it, mods, upgrades etc. Learnt a lot about what can be done from many other bikers this way. Also sold a few bikes as well.

BikeDeck attempts to bridge the gap between those weekends we so long for and can't wait until the working week ends so we can get out. It does this by allowing you to collect motorcycles as your out and about by the use of a QR code that everyone receives upon registering for the app. Stick these little bad boys anywhere you like on your bike and watch other bikers read the code and add your bike to their garage

Upon adding the bike, you'll learn about the make and model of the bike. But not just that you'll see how fast it is, how much bhp it has, average price and what mods that owner has done to it. Right down to the Hel breaklines. You'll be given points for finding the bike. We'll even give you more points if you manage to find 5 Blades in a day or if you can visit 3 biking destinations.