So what kind of features can you expect to see in BikeDeck 1.0? Well you’ll be able to scan a someone’s bike and add it to your ‘Virtual Garage’. You’ll be able to view all the details of that motorcycle the owner has uploaded. You’ll be able to share it with a friend via email or social media. If the bike is up for sale you’ll see that too and be able to contact the seller immediately.

Upon registering for BikeDeck we’ll post out to you your welcome pack. That has various sizes of QR Code stickers. From the very small discrete ones to fairly large ones that you can park next to your Alpine Star sticker.

Before you even get your welcome pack though you’ll be invited to fill in your own page. Upload some shots of your bike, make, model and all the bits and pieces you’ve done to it. If your selling it you can also add this to your page as well and watch the enquiries come in via notifications.

Version 1.0 of the App is only the beginning and we are constantly working on new features and improvements so we really do need your input here. Let us know what you like, don’t like, what works what doesn’t work what you’d like to see next. We want the app to grow organically based on your feedback. So don’t be shy!